Claudia Codega & Esteban Moreno – Artistic Direction

Union Tanguera was born from Claudia Codega and Esteban Moreno’s commitment and willpower to document, teach, and bring to the stage profoundly real Argentinean tango.

Claudia Codega and Esteban Moreno are oneself of the best tango dancers in the world. They created a style that is a reference for the new generations, inspired by their heritage of traditionnal tango and its renewal. They have been an integral part in creating the conditions for its current popularity.

They started to dance tango in the 80’s in Buenos Aires, while they where students of the greatest tango maestros. Claudia and Esteban have inheritated the last popular dancers of “Salon Style” from the Villa Urquiza, neighborhood in Buenos Aires. They are now practicing and sharing their style with sincerity, enthusiasm and relevance.

Claudia and Esteban are performers, choreographers and teachers. They have been working together for 25 years. Simultaneously, Claudia is stylist for her brand Idilia and Esteban is musicalisator and producer. They formed the company Union Tanguera in 2002, imagined as a tool for the artistic creation.

Their dance is grave, intense and dynamic; a synthesis of styles reinterpreted, in which fantasy and imagination are joined, inside the logic of improvises tango. Since representing Argentina in the Universal Exposition of Seville in 1992, they have been invited to the most important tango festivals around the world.

With Union Tanguera they produced and created “Efecto Tango” (2005), “Tango Vivo” (2008) and “Nuit Blanche” (2010). All three productions where co-produced with Lyon’s Maison de la Danse and Tango de Soie.