The Company

Claudia Codega & Esteban Moreno – Artistic Direction

The company reflects – like a prism – the light on all the facets of tango proposed by Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codega.

Union Tanguera is a space in which the practice of tango reverberates. The two artistic directors Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codega open a dialogue between their shows and their activities open to professional and amateur tango dancers : workshops, research, group discussions, conferences (“apero tango”); each encounter allows to discover the artistic vision of the two Maestros and to share their approach of this rich and popular culture.

Claudia Codega and Esteban Moreno have evolved in the pure tango tradition, trained by the great witnesses of tango’s Golden Age of the forties. They are the heirs of the last popular dancers of the “tango de salon” from the Villa Urquiza area. Today they are practicing and sharing this inherited style with sincerity, enthusiasm and modernity. They strive to represent a faithful vision of tango contributing fundamentally to the popularity of Argentinian tango.  Today they are a reference for new generations of dancers.

“We carry this heritage, we question it, incorporate it into our practice and claim for it a real quality in our work with respect to a traditional form” Esteban Moreno.

Claudia and Esteban continue to dance, as well as being choreographers and teachers. Their artistic partnership has been continuous for 25 years and their dance has the brilliance of a dream. It links the essence of traditional tango, the “tango de salon”, to the evolution of the “tango nuevo” as well as imaginative stage tango.

Since 1992, where they were invited to represent Argentina at the International Exhibition in Sevilla they have been travelling throughout the world and are invited every year to the most important tango and dance festivals.

Union Tanguera was created by people who want to be the conveyors of Tango, which they received as a legacy. The company is a place of share, exchange and excellence where dance practice is constantly associated with meeting other people. Union Tanguera wants to give people the audacity to dance!

The Team

Artistic work team 

The company is certainly based on the passion and the level of requirement of its artistic directors, but it would never exist without people who spread tango skills, like Claudia Codega and Esteban who passed down the art of dance.

Dancers :

The team of dancers who faithfully work with the company since the beginning:

-E. Moreno

-C. Codega

-S. Giudice

-M. Guevara

-G. Passi

-R. Rufino

-I. Yniesta

-B. Yniesta

-G. Wiesbuch

-A. Rizzotti

-Neri Luciano Piliu & Yanina Quiñones

-M. Pitou Nicolier & H. Hatzimihail

-M. Ramer & S. Mastroti

-D. Rosenthal & V. Fatauros Tango

-D. Escobar

-N. Zeugtrager

Musicians :

Tango is not only a dance; it’s also and above all music! The company works closely with many orchestra and musicians, among them:

- Ensemble Hyperion en vivo (Italy) with : Bruno Fiorentini (flute and direction) – José Luis Betancor (bandoneon) – Valerio Giannarelli (violin) – Danilo Grandi (double bass) – Nicolas Toscano (guitare) – Guido Bottaro (pianist) – Ruben Peloni (singer)

- Collectif Roulotte Tango (France) with : Julien Blondel (piano) – Aurelien Marine (sing) – Mehdi Al Tinaoui (violin) – Laura Nivou (violin) – Rémi Cortial (guitar) – Maxime Point (bandoneon) – Lysandre Donoso (bandoneon) – Felipe Nicholls (double bass)

- Quartet Lupanar (Argentina) with : Pedro Onetto (piano), Marta Roca Alonso (violin), Camilo Ferrero (bandoneon), Ignacio Varchausky (double bass)

- Gustavo Beytelmann 

Technicians :

The wish of showing tango on stage is an important part of the artistic line of the company. This challenge would not be possible without the support of the technical team:

  • Guillermo Monteleone, Agustina Rojas, Denis Rojas, photographers
  • Judicaël Montrobert,Gonzalo Córdola, lighting design
  • Alain Penet, sound
  • Nadine Chabannier, costume designer
  • Rachel Jenevein, coaching
  • Céline Ruiz, outside eyes

Administrative team 

  • Julie Plozner – Production Manager
  • Gilles Goutailler – Accountant
  • Agent Elsie Management Laura Colby – USA tour
  • Agence ATER Francesca Zittoli – Italia tour

Members of the association:

  • Virginie Gil, president
  • Pierre Vidal Naquet, vice-president

Friends of the company : 

  • Nicolas Bertrand, treasurer of “Tango de Soie” association
  • Maryline de Saint-Cyr, consulting office of  CREFF
  • Marie-jo Fouche
  • Géraldine Midole
  • Alba Geskeler
  • Christophe Bruel
  • Michèle Luquet – Maison de la Danse
  • Kate Wormald
  • Raphaëlle Girard
  • Dang Bosoni

Laboratoire chorégraphique

“Laboratoire Chorégraphique” was born out of the wish to pass on their knowledge and approach of the stage to professional dancers and passionate amateurs. It is a meeting place where we collectively work to choreograph tango, which is improvised as a popular practice. Tango is a dance adapted to the show: it is written and interpreted to express stories, ideas and feelings.

The “Laboratoire Chorégraphique” is also a place where Claudia Codega and Estaban Moreno pass on their work, their aesthetics, and their vision of Tango.

The members of “Laboratoire Chorégraphique” in Union Tanguera are: Laure Accadia, Xavier Bacher, Carlos Barragán, Sylvain Beauchamps, Gérard Boulieu, Kader Bounaas, Marianne Cayon, Laurent Crespin, Eduardo Davila, Jean De Laval, Alba Geckeler, Virginie Gil, Federica Melcore, Fabrice Metge, Sophie Rabatel, Bruno Robert, Galina Stoyanova, Manon Terrenoire, Magali Toqueboeuf, Sabine Veys, Hubert Voignier, Gabrielle Weisbuch.