« Tango is an infinity of possibilities »

 Leopoldo Marechal, writer, born in Buenos Aires


Born more than a hundred years ago on the shores of the Rio de la Plata, tango represents a culture that incorporates dance, music and poetry full of lunfardo – the local slang.  Buenos Aires remains the capital of what people often call a way of thinking and a way of living and it still hosts its best ambassadors of tango. Today, Argentinian tango is practiced, transmitted and shared in the whole world and the soul and form of tango continue to modernize thanks to the impulse given by well-known talents like Claudia Codega and Esteban Moreno.

Tango is still alive today because of it continuing relevance to everyday life. It is a wonderful form of expression which has a strong cultural, social and historical implications.

To keep tango alive you need to create places, battle fields; because tango is a fight between tradition and modernity, between conservatism and actuality.  That is what the dance company Union Tanguera is searching to do: to open a dialogue and test all forms of representation in order to keep tango alive and contemporary.