Nuit Blanche (2010) – On tour

Nuit Blanche (2010) – On tour

NUIT BLANCHE (Sleepless Night)

Investigates tango as a contemporary and urban phenomenon.

Show for 7 dancers & 4 musicians

Creation 2010 – 1h40

Nuit Blanche (Sleepless Night) opens on a scene in a cabaret-milonga (nighttime tango club). It is the end of a traditional tango show, when the performers return to their lives as milongueros (milonga goers), joining their audience to continue dancing. A woman and a man improvise in a confined, almost pitch black area while the rhythmic and cyclic bandoneon music plays in the background on this unique night. Out of this intimate environment arises true-to-life tango; traditional in its soul and at times experimental in its form. The dancers weave in and out of their sensual abrazos (embrace) with mixed emotions, including loneliness, hope, despair, friendship, passion, love, celebration, and defeat. Nuit Blanche explores a night when social dancing brings people together using tango as their poetic means of communication.

Performed by a mixed cast of tango dancers and musicians, Nuit Blanche “reinterprets the vocabulary of pure tango” (Danseur- dance magazine). By using a language of traditional and contemporary tango, Nuit Blanche weaves a sensual framework in and out of ‘abrazos’ combined with human emotions. Set in a nameless nightclub at the end of a traditional tango show, Nuit Blanche, illuminates the wanderings, desires, instincts and fears that unfold in one sleepless night. The subtly layered work unfolds a tango show transforming into reality as the performers on stage transform to present human beings, truer to life.

The music combines traditional tango recordings with live original compositions. Acoustic and electronic sounds composed by Pedro Onetto converge to create a soundtrack performed Buenos Aires’ quartet Lupanar, featuring a ‘Tango -band’ of violin, bandoneon, piano, and double bass.

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Executive direction : Esteban Moreno
Choreography & artistic direction: Claudia Codega & Esteban Moreno in collaboration with Jorge Crudo and Rolan Van Löor (Cie. Modos Vivendi)
Musical director: Pedro Onetto
Scenic – light Design & Production Management : Gonzalo Córdova
Sound Design : Martin Jr Ranea
Dancers : Lucila Cionci, Claudia Codega, Rodrigo Joe Corbata, Claudia Jakobsen, Jorge Crudo, Esteban Moreno, Rolan Van Löor
Musicians: Pedro Onetto (Piano), Marta Roca Alonso (Violin), Camilo Ferrero (Bandoneon), Ignacio Varchausky (Double bass)
Costume Design: Sofia Di Nunzio

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